Saturday, 19 September 2009

‘Catholicism is Different’ Course

Thursdays, 7-8pm

An eight week course on the distinctive claims of Catholicism: for both enquirers and for Catholics seeking to know more about their Catholic Faith. The course will feature images and PowerPoint screen slides, and will have a 30 minute presentation followed by an opportunity for questions and discussion on the topic of the evening.

8th October: Knowing God: Can we really know God?
15th October: Jesus Christ: Who He claimed to be and What He claimed to do
22nd Oct: The One True Church: Why the Catholic Church is different
[29th October: No meeting (half-term)]
5th Nov: Infallibility: How we know the Truth
12th Nov: Seven Sacraments: Why we need ceremony and liturgy to meet Christ
19th Nov: What is the Eucharist?
[26th Nov: No meeting]
3rd Dec: Sex and Marriage
10th Dec: Why Contraception is a Sin, & how Natural Family Planning is the Alternative

The meetings will be in the St Edward’s church hall, which is accessed through the church entrance at n.51 Salisbury Street.
For more information please see Fr Dylan James, Tel 01747-852125,

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