Sunday, 6 December 2015

Blessing of the Image of the Divine Mercy

Brother and sisters, Almighty God, knowing our bodily need for things that are visible and accessible to the senses,
grants that we might erect images in His honour,
that in gazing upon them with the eyes our body
we might recall Him with the eyes of faith.
We read in the diaries of the 20th century saint, Faustina Kowalski, that through the visions The Lord granted to her,
He requested that she paint this image,
made according to the pattern He showed her (c.f. Diary, 47)
He requested that “the image be publicly honored." (Diary, 414)
And said, "I promise that the soul that shall venerate this image will not perish." (Diary, 48).
We now bless this image that it might serve, in particular, as a focus for the Year of Mercy.

Let us Pray
Lord Jesus Christ, Divine Mercy personified,
Bless and sanctify this image fashioned to reveal to us the unfathomable love You manifested in Your crucifixion and Resurrection.
May it recall to our minds
the streams of blood and water
that gushed forth from Your pierced Heart on Calvary,
the ocean of mercy You then gushed forth upon the world.
Grant to all who invoke Your mercy with this picture before their eyes,
the grace of true repentance, pardon, and peace,
shield them from every danger of soul and body.
Establish in this picture the Throne of Your mercy.
Pour out upon all who approach it with faith and trust,
the purifying, healing and sanctifying rays of grace
ever flowing from Your Heart,
gaze upon them from this image as You did from the Cross
with infinite love and compassion.
Through this image may Your Divine Mercy triumph
over all the powers and wiles of Satan the world over.
May all who venerate this image never perish.
We ask this of You who live and reign with the Father and Holy Spirit, One God, forever and ever. Amen.

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