Wednesday, 25 August 2021

St Joseph the Worker

Wed 25th Aug 2021, Josephinum

Today we’re keeping a votive Mass of St Joseph.

  • Formators want us to focus our house Josephinum devotion 
  • Wednesdays and the 19th of the months are days traditionally given to St Joseph
      • I have special prayer I always say on those days 

What to say about St Joseph?

    • It might be thought that we don’t know much about St Joseph, 
    • but
    • what we do know gives us much to reflect in and much to learn from

How start?  Votive Mass of St Joseph the WORKER

    • Start of lectures and schoolwork today, thus the WORKER
    • What to say?
    • What to LEARN?
      • Not only an example, also a powerful patron and protector
      • But, today, focus on example

3 points

(1) He slept

    • What do the Gospels record St Joseph doing?
        • More than ANYTHING, they record him sleeping
        • 4 times the Gospels record an angel speaking to him while dreaming, while SLEEPING
        • So, he slept
    • WHY did he sleep so much?
        • He worked HARD
    • You can’t work unless you sleep
        • Do you want to work well?  
          • Then sleep well -go to joseph
          • Do you struggle to sleep?  Go to Joseph
    • Sleep:
        • You can’t be a good priest or seminarian UNLESS you have a regular pattern of sleep
          • How many hours do you take?  Enough?
          • Do you go to bed on time?
          • Do you get the physical exercise you need to sleep well?
    • St Joseph slept

(2) Silent Doer
    • St Jospeh is often called a 'silent' man
    • There is not a single recorded word spoken by St Joseph
        • He went to Bethlehem
        • He went to Egypt 
        • He returned 
        • and went to Nazareth 
        • he went to the temple in Jerusalem
          • -not a single recorded word
    • A DOER not a chatterer
    • A MAN
        • Scientifically, we know women speak many more words in a day than men
        • Women talk and communicate
        • Men DO
        • St Joseph: a man’s man
    • Be a DOER
        • Get stuff DONE
        • Don’t chat about what you plan to do, DO IT
        • Nike: Just do it

(3) Union with God

    • WHAT did St Joseph do? 
      • The things God told him (via the angel), 
        • in fact, ONLY things God told him
        • He did all that the angel told him to…” (Mt 1:24)
    • Our Lady at Cana, “do whatever He tells you”.  
        • St Joseph, probably deceased already, but he’d been living this in everything we see recorded of him
    • What should WE do?  
        • What God wants, 
          • looking to what He wants, etc
    • Lord, what do you want ME to do now?  
        • Lord, would like me to procrastinate a little longer right now?
        • Lord, would you like me to do this easy thing rather than this important thing?
          • Tidy my sock drawer rather than write that paper? 
    • Be like St Joseph:
        • Always seek to God’s Will
    • Be a DOER
        • But a DOER of what GOD wants of us,

(4) Many other things -other sermons to be given...


    • We’re in his seminary, the 'Josephinum' 
    • We’re starting our school work of classes
    • Let’s look to him as a model of work:
      • Sleep, 
        • as he slept, 
        • 4 times recoded in the Gospels
      • Do 
        • -without needing to talk 
        • get it done, don’t get it talked about
      • Do it in union with God 
        • look to God to do the right work, 
          • as he “did the angel told him to do”

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