Monday, 13 September 2021


Monday 23rd Week Ordinary Time, 13th Sept 2021, Josephinum

Lk 7:1-10

I want to focus on the words of the centurion, 

words that holy Mother Church puts on our lips at every Mass:

  • “Lord, I am not worthy that you should enter under my roof”

I’d like to walk you through 3 phases of faith and humility, and for you to ask yourself where you fit in these phases, and maybe, where you have fit in your own past.

First phase:

For those of us raised after the cultural revolution of the 1960s,

Humility often does not come naturally to us:

  • We were raised on self-affirmation
  • We received little discipline 
  • We were told we were good.

To my generation, 

we would tend to think:

  • “Lord, actually I AM worthy, 
    • and I just don’t need you to enter under my roof”

A second phase:

When I went to college I found the Lord,

    • I came to know Him “personally”, as we say.
    • But, if I’m honest, I still thought of myself as “worthy”.

And while I wouldn’t have phrased it exactly like this, I think it would be true to say that my attitude was:

    • “Lord, I AM worthy, 
      • But you bring added value to my life, added meaning
      • So,
      • For MY own sake, please do come and enter in”
    • That is NOT the faith of the centurion
      • That’s a “faith” that is a problem

Still today, I know this is a problem in my spiritual life:

    • My self-affirmation
    • My lack of being criticised as a child,
    • My upbringing has been such that I struggle to say,
      • “I am not worthy”


    • I know my eternal salvation depends on having the ‘unworthiness’ of the centurion

We need to be in a third phase, one that has a humility born of faith.

Let’s connect those 2 things: faith and humility

    • The words of the centurion expressed humility, :I am not worthy’
    • But the Lord praised him for his “faith” –‘not even in Israel have I found such faith”

True faith recognises the Lord for WHO He is:

    • He is God
    • He is much greater than me
    • He is pure; He is goodness,
      • “me?  ‘’I am not worthy’
        • Real faith SEES this
        • Real humility ACCEPTS this

Where are you in those three phases of humility and faith?

    • If you are one of the post-1960s generations who struggle to be humble, then pray
    • Pray for what is MOST important:
        • Not healing the body
        • But healing what is wrong in your soul:
        • but only say the word, and my soul shall be healed”

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