Monday, 8 November 2021

Seeking Him

Monday 32nd Week in Ordinary Time, Year I, 8th Nov 2021, Josephinum 
Wis 1:1-7 
I want to say a few words finding the Lord, 
 and how we can stop ourselves finding Him. Our first reading: 
“seek Him… …He is found… He manifests Himself…” (Wis 1:1-2) 

 (1) First, I want to note the joy of finding Him. 
• To find someone who loves us 
-is a great thing 
• To find direction, knowledge, guidance, meaning 
-is a great thing. 
There are many people out there who have never experienced that joy 
 -let us thank Him. 

 (2) Second, I want to note that He WANTS to be found 
• The maker of heaven and earth 
• The “wisdom” directs all things 
• The “Spirit” that “fills the world” 
 -He WANTS to be found 
 -He wants to ENTER in 

 (3) Third, the sadness of losing Him 
• To “find” the Lord Jesus is not a one-way street 
I’m pretty sure: 
Everyone here either has, or will, lose Him 
 • We can “lose” Him in many senses: 
He withdraws His consolations 
-challenging and calling us to seek Him deeper 
• We can lose Him due to our own fault 

 (4) Fourth, what CAUSES us not to find Him. 
• As already noted: 
He can draw away from us, SENSIBLY, APPARENTLY 
-in order to draw us closer 
• But, today’s Wisdom text focuses: 
Our own lifestyles stop Him 
• Negatively: 
-how can God dwell in a heart full of sin? 
“lies”, “perverse counsels”, “blasphemy” 
-wisdom cannot enter when un-wisdom fills the heart 
those who “test Him”, 
those who “disbelieve” and doubt Him 
-The Almighty enters the HUMBLE heart 
Failing to “forgive” c.f. our Gospel text 
• Positively, 
the “listener” 
 -when we dispose ourselves to Him, He comes 


So, When you sense that you have found Him, 
 then watch your heart, 
 watch your virtue 
When you sense that you’ve lost Him, 
 then know He still wants to be found

To recap: 

• There is JOY in finding Him; 
• He WANTS to be found 
• There is SADNESS in losing Him 
• But whether our loss of Him is our fault, 
 or, His trial, 
 either way: He can be RE-FOUND

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