Sunday, 14 February 2016

1st Sunday of Lent, old sermon links

Fr Dylan is away leading a retreat for our parish Confirmation Candidates.

Past sermons for the first Sunday of Lent can be read:
For this liturgical year, Year C:
from 2013, on the difference between 'giving things up for Lent' and 'giving up sin';
from 2010, on the 'joy' of giving things up for Lent

And from other liturgical years:
from 2008, possibly my most popular sermon in why we should give things up for Lent,
from 2012, on why we should give things up even when life seems tough already,
from 2011, on being a 'cheerful giver' in what we give ups for Lent,
from 2009, on why fasting changes us in a way that is different from a secular de-tox diet

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