Thursday 6 October 2016

New Evangelisation Talk Series: 'Transforming Everything'

Audio and Powerpoint slides are available below

In the Autumn of 2016 Father Dylan gave his first talk series as parish priest of West Moors. He outlined the vision that he wants to animate and transform all our parish activities. The series of sessions will look at what Pope Francis chose to make the topic of his first ‘apostolic exhortation’ to the Church, namely, ‘The New Evangelisation’. The Pope has said that it must “transform everything” in the Church: “our customs, ways of doing things, times and schedules, language and structures”(EG 27). Bishop Mark O’Toole likewise chose to make this the topic of his first pastoral letter to us.

This series of evenings had a twofold aim:

(1) To look at what Pope Francis and others have said on this topic;

(2) To discuss what we need to do ourselves in order to:

(a) Change our parish to serve this goal;

(b) Make ourselves into joyous “spirit-filled evangelisers”(EV 259)

Each evening had a 30 minute presentation followed by 30 minutes for discussion

The talk series prepared for the launch of the Forming Intentional Disciples groups that met on Thursday evenings and/or Friday mornings between 10th November and 15th December.

You can see some photos here

(1) What is ‘The New Evangelisation’?, Thursday 6th Oct 7-8pm
Slides can be viewed here and audio is available here
Our first evening will look at what makes the New Evangelisation different, i.e. ‘new’. Pope John Paul II said it needs to be “new in its ardour, new in its methods and new in its expression” but what does this mean?

(2) Encountering Christ: How do people come to Faith?, Thursday 13th Oct 7-8pm
Slides can be viewed here and audio here
Pope Francis writes about how “joy… fills the hearts and lives of all who encounter Jesus”(EG 1). But how do people encounter Him? And, What are the stages people move through in coming to Faith in Him? This session will draw on Sherry Weddell's book, "Forming Intentional Disciples”.

(3) How to start the Conversation?, Thursday 20th Oct 7-8pm
Slides can be viewed here and the audio here
We often refer to our need to tell other people about our Faith and about the person of Christ in particular, but how can we go about this? Tonight we’ll look at some useful indicators from Pope Francis and others.

(4) Welcoming back the Lapsed, Thursday 3rd Nov 7-8pm
Slides can be viewed here and the audio is available here
One of the primary aims of ‘the New Evangelisation’ is to rekindle the faith of the many who have left. This evening we’ll draw on Rigney & Lanave’s book, “When They Come Home”, and look at the reasons people lapse, the reasons people return, and what we need to do ourselves to make people welcome when they do.

Four Book Recommendations, each of which were drawn from in this series of talks:

Pope Francis, "Evangelii Gaudium (The Joy of the Gospel)”

Sherry Weddell, "Forming Intentional Disciples"

Cardinal Arinze, “The Layperson’s Distinctive Role”

Melanie Rigney and Anna Lanave, "When They Come Home"

All these books are easily available on the internet.

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