Thursday, 27 April 2023

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CL702 Bioethics

This page refers to the Bioethics course taught by Fr Dylan James at the Josephinum Seminary in Columbus, Ohio. 

The texts of the 2022-23 lectures is available at a Googledrive folder here.

There is no audio available for this course.


Wednesday, 24 August 2022

UTHE105 Life in Christ: The Catechism and Moral Theology

This course is an introduction to Moral Theology, 

teaching in parallel with the third part of the Catechism.

This course is taught by Fr Dylan James at the Josephinum Seminary in Columbus, Ohio.

Audio of lectures available on a Spotify playlist here

Word documents of each lecture are available in a Googledrive folder here

Aug 24th

1)    Introduction: What is Moral Theology?  What is the Catechism? What’s in this course?

Aug 26th

2)    A History of Moral Theology

Aug 31st

3)    The Sources of Moral Theology: Scripture, Tradition, Magisterium

Sept 2nd  

4)    (a) What is Man?  The Image of God

(b)  Beatitude

Sept 7th  

5)    (a) Freedom 

(b) Sin as a Perversion of the Quest for happiness 

Sept 9th

6)    (a) The End doesn’t Justify the Means

(b)  Appendix: The Principle of Double Effect 

Sept 12th  

7)    Conscience 

Sept 16th   

8)    (a) The Passions

(b) Virtue 

Sept 21st   

9)    Virtues & Vices: A look at some inter-relationships

Sept 23rd  

10) Mortal and Venial Sin 

Sept 28th

11) The Natural Moral Law 

Sept 30th

12) The Natural Moral Law, continued

Oct 5th

13) Quiz: See the list of 7 Catechism definitions to be memorized  

Oct 7th

14) Review Class 

Oct 12th

15) Law, Obligation, Epikeia, Probabilism

Oct 14th

16) Midterm Exam 

Oct 26th

17) Grace, Merit, and Justification 

Oct 28th  

18) Society and The Common Good 

Nov 2nd  

19) Civil Law, the Government, and the Common Good

Nov 4th

20) The Ten Commandments: An Introduction & Summary; Dies Domini: The Lord’s Day

Nov 9th   

21) Abortion, Euthanasia, Death Penalty 

Nov 11th  

22) The Family and Marriage (Unity & Fertility)

Nov 16th  

23) Divorce and Second Unions  

Nov 18th

24) Self-Defence & Just War


Nov 30th

25) Environmental Ethics

Dec 2nd  

26) (a) Social Doctrine and Capitalism  

(b) Truth and Lying

Dec 7th  

27) (a) Chasity: Integrating the Desires, not suppressing them

(b) The Battle for Purity

(c) Covetousness, Poverty and Purity of Desire

Dec 9th

28) Review Class


Monday, 22 August 2022

CL701 Sexual Morality

This course is an introduction to Catholic Sexual Morality, as given by Fr Dylan James at the Josephinum Seminary in Columbus, Ohio.

Audio is available on Spotify here

Word documents of lectures are available at a Googledrive folder here


Aug 22nd

1)      Introduction; Sex and the New Evangelisation

Aug 25th

2)      Chastity and Society: A historical look at the Judeo-Christian approach

Aug 29th

3)      The Bible and Sexuality: An Overview (part 1)

Sept 1st

4)      The Bible and Sexuality: An Overview (part 2)

Sept 8th

5)      ‘Gender Ideology’ (i): An introduction to the problem 

Sept 12th

6)      Gender (ii): Seminar Discussion of Holloway, Augustine, and Edith Stein 

Sept 15th  

7)      The Ends of Sex and Marriage: Procreation, Union, Remedy for Concupiscence

Sept 19th

8)      Virtue and Sex: Chastity (i)

Sept 22nd    

9)      Virtue and Sex: Chastity (ii)

Sept 26th

10)   Virtue and Sex: Chastity (iii)

Sept 29th  

11)   Theology of the Body (i)

Oct 3rd

12)   Theology of the Body (ii)

Oct 6th

13)   Review session

Oct 10th

14)   Midterm exam 

Oct 13th

15)   Marriage and Civil Law & Counterfeit ‘Marriages’

Oct 24th

16)   Homosexuality (i)

Oct 27th

17)   Homosexuality [ii] 

Oct 31st

18)   Responsible Parenthood: NFP or Contraception?

Nov 3rd  

19)   Contraception (i): Janet Smith’s ‘Naturalist’ Argument of Contraception 

Nov 7th

20)   Contraception (ii): Janet Smith’s ‘Naturalist’ Argument of Contraception 

Nov 10th

21)   Contraception: Germain Grisez’s ‘Anti-Life Choice’ Argument against Contraception 

Nov 14th

22)   Divorce, Remarriage (and Holy Communion): The situation pre-Amoris Laetitia

Nov 17th

23)   Divorce, Remarriage (and Holy Communion): Amoris LaetitiaBreaking Tradition, or, A Strategy to implement the Tradition? Malta vs Poland

Nov 21st   

24)   Masturbation and Pornography

Nov 28th

25)   Education in Chaste Love

Dec 1st

26)   Some Specific Sexual Issues

Dec 5th

27)   Review session